Dynamic Parish

In November 2018, Most Holy Trinity Parish was selected by Matthew Kelly‘s organization, Dynamic Catholic, to become a Dyamic Parish!

Dynamic Catholic has been inspiring Catholics to rediscover the genius of Catholicism through the development of world class resources and life-changing events for a decade. We hope you will take advantage of the Dynamic Parish resources on this page to deepen your relationship with God, grow in your faith and engage more with our Catholic community.

November 2021 Message and Resources 
December 2021 Message and Resources 
January 2022 Message and Resources 
February 2022 Message and Resources 
March 2022 Message and Resources 
April 2022 Message and Resources
May 2022 Message and Resources 
June 2022 Message and Resources
July 2022 Message and Resources
August 2022 Messsage and Resources
September 2022 Message and Resources 
October 2022 Message and Resources